The Octomom, known to the government as Nadya Suleman, is now learning that everyone wants a piece of you once you bare it all. West Palm Beach, FL, strip club T’s Lounge had boasted about locking Suleman in for her exotic dance debut, but now they’re suing her because she wants to take her show elsewhere.

After agreeing to strip at T’s this month, she refused to honor the contract a mere two days after signing, because a bartender mentioned her children on television. In response, her representative sent the following text:

“Dance gig is canceled after Michelle the manager or employee of club made comments about Nadya saying she is crazy etc and Nadya is now not doing that club ever.”

Suleman has decided to take her twins to The Playhouse South in Hollywood, sparking a battle between club owners. This is the most underwhelming bidding war imaginable.

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[via The Huffington Post]