The Entertainment Software Association announced today that they've penned a deal to keep the gaming conference in Los Angeles until 2015.

The announcement comes as little surprise, despite a recent public argument between the two groups. E3 has been held in LA 16 out of 18 years. The ESA had hesitated to sign the deal until the city over concerns regarding the upcoming construction of Farmer's Field Stadium.

"The City of Los Angeles is thrilled to welcome E3 back for another three years," said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. "My office was committed to doing whatever it took to keep the largest annual conference that the City hosts here for another three years... The City is grateful the Entertainment Software Association continues to view LA, the entertainment capital of the world, as the ideal location for the world's premiere video game convention."

In addition to their long-term plans, the ESA specifically announced that E3 2013 will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Centerf from June 11-13 next year.

Last month, E3 2012 hosted 45,700 attendees, generating an estimated 30,000 hotel room bookings and generating nearlt $40 Million dollars in revenue for the city.