As Marvel is busy pimping out all of its characters onto the silver screen before we even had a chance to digest it all, it seems like Warner Bros. is taking a much slower approach with the characters from DC. According to Indie Wire, there won't be a movie from the company featuring a new DC character until at least 2015. That means after Man of Steel comes out next year, we're looking at a two year drought. 

The site is reporting that the potential movies that the studio is considering in the future are Wonder Woman, The Flash, or a blockbuster Justice League movie—which already has a script in place by Gangster Squad writer Will Beall. There is also talk of either doing a Green Lantern 2 or a reboot of the series. 

It will be interesting to see if the more methodical approach from Warner Bros. will end up working, but after the undeniable success of Avengers, it's hard to argue with Marvel's strategy. 

[via Indie Wire]