The humans-vs.-dinosaurs PC shooter Primal Carnage is ready to go into public beta soon, so developers Lukewarm Media have released new details about two of the ten available classes: the Pyromaniac and Carnotaurus.

"With his custom Flamesaw (a flamethrower with a chainsaw melee attack), the Pyromaniac deserves his name," reads a press release. "Spewing flames is effective for keeping dinosaurs at bay but only at medium distances…his chainsaw is all for up-close encounters. When ranged destruction is needed, the Pyro keeps a few grenades on his belt for just such a purpose." 

The Pyro sounds like Gears of War meets Team Fortress 2, and there's nothing wrong with that.

"The Carnotaurus," on the other hand, Lukewarm writes, "is the lurking menace of the dinosaur team. While lacking the size of the mighty T-Rex, the Carno makes up for its smaller stature with incredible speed and brute force, breaking up crowds with his powerful charge ability and sharp horns. While the carno can run all over the battle field, his flanks are vulnerable, giving the mercenaries a window of opportunity against this speedy bruiser…but watch out for his bite, as his hatchet-like maw can dish out serious death."

Brutal. Are you excited to shoot some dinos/munch on some man-meat? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.