Good news, guys: Channing Tatum's next film doesn't look like it's going to be Magic Mike 2, so no need to worry about your girlfriend dragging you back to the theater to see more of Tatum and Alex Pettyfer's gyrating abs any time soon. Bad news, that sequel may still be happening in the future - but, come on, lets focus on the good stuff. Glass half full! Positivity! Yeah.

Anyway, Vulture is reporting that the former male stripper-turned-actor-who-plays-male-strippers-in-movies is in talks to portray legendary daredevil entertainer Evel Knievel in an upcoming biopic from Sony. Tatum would both star and produce the untitled pic, which is based off of the 2008 book, Life of Evel by Stuart Barker.

[via Vulture]