39-year-old Jesusa Tatad was charged with murder months after pouring boiling water on her ex-husband. Ronnie Tatad, 36, died roughly two weeks later from a bacterial blood infection, the result of the burns covering 55 percent of his body. Despite being divorced since 2007, the two shared a 600 square-foot apartment in Daly City, CA. In hindsight, that was a bad idea.

Ronnie Tatad was sleeping in the home back in November of 2011 when Jesusa poured the water on him. A maintenance worker in the building spotted Ronnie first, fleeing from the building half naked with burned flesh  "flaking" from his hands. 

Jesusa admitted to her crime at the scene, but has plead not guilty. She's currently being held without bail and will stand before a judge on July 31.

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[via NY Daily News]