A British man proved that insecure people can be dangerous people after he sprayed his girlfriend with a "unidentified brown sauce" after she refused to stop reading 50 Shades of Grey. Back on June 25, an argument began between Raymond Hodson and Emma McCormick, when McCormick refused to stop reading the sexually-charged novel.

The argument carried into the next day, and grew extremely personal when "private family issues" were brought up. Infuriated, Hodson stormed over to her apartment armed with a bottle of brown sauce, slapped McCormick (which his attorney denies) and doused her with the mystery sauce. 

Hodson was arrested and soon owned up to his crime, admitting that he lost his temper. Apparently, dude didn't realize that his tantrum would be considered assault. Why not try and embrace your girl's freaky side, bro?

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[via Gawker]