Today Bose announced the VideoWave II, the follow-up to the entertainment system that we called "the best sounding TV ever made." 

In 2010, Bose introduced the VideoWave, a 46-inch LCD TV with a full audio system crammed into the back of it. Ten years in the making, the VideoWave was the best of both worlds, a gorgeous TV and a room-filling sound system that didn't require a hefty instruction manual to install. It came with a hub and a cool, simple-to-use remote control that would control all of your external media players. 

This time around the TV is available in either 46- or 55-inches. Bose tricked out the system with a 1080p LED backlit display so images are crisper. And the sound is still amazing thanks to Bose's PhaseGuide sound radiator technology, six subwoofers, and "seven-element speaker array." If you just want to rock with the audio, there's a iPhone/iPod dock so you can listen to music when there's nothing to watch on TV. 

Oh, and it's cheaper, too. The 46-inch model is now $4,999 while the 55-inch model will run you $5,999. Both are available starting today at all Bose stores. 

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