Jay-Z and Beyonce are reportedly getting ready to move into a 31,000-square-foot crib in Bridgehampton, which they'll rent for a whopping $400,000!!!

The property— the "Sandcastle," as its commonly known— is actually on sale for $43.5 million, and includes a bowling alley, skateboard half-pipe, a rock-climbing wall, full bar and a recording studio.

Elsewhere, there's a 60-foot pool, a tennis court, a spa, a gym, a combination squash/racquetball/basketball court and an eight-car garage.

But wait, there's more. The master bedroom is 2,800 square feet by itself, and there's also a separate two-bedroom apartment on the premises.

This is not even how the one-percent lives. This is how the .000099 percent lives.

Sheesh. This is what all those Watch The Throne concert tickets nets you.

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