On Thursday of last week, a massive amount of paperwork and documents were opened and unsealed as legal teams, along with the San Jose federal court, prepare for Apple's patent suit against Samsung, which is set to being next week. Thanks to the documents were able to get a close look at the development of both the iPad and the Galaxy Tab as well as a host of pertinent information like the fact that Best Buy told Samsung customers were returning Galaxy Tab 10.1s because they mistakenly bought it thinking it was an Apple iPad. Or, that Google went so far as to warn Samsung that its tablet too closely resmembled the iPad. 

From All Things D: 

Samsung was forced to release a bunch of documents it had been keeping under seal that show the likeness between its products and Apple’s. Examples outlined in the documents include comments from Samsung workers discussing similarities with Apple’s products, and reports Samsung got from retailer Best Buy that Samsung tablets were being returned because customers thought they were getting iPads. Samsung still has a pending motion to prevent all of this information from being included at trial. Earlier documents revealed that Google warned Samsung that its products were too close to Apple’s. Samsung, meanwhile, argues that Apple actually copied Sony.

[via All Things D]