We may not be in grade school anymore, but a good make-out session still has the ability to get a woman plenty hot. If you start kissing and it turns into a full-on hair grabbing, lip biting, dry-hump-fest, it's going to be pretty difficult for her to cap things off before they go any further. 

Too many men make the mistake of thinking kissing is something you gloss over, an unnecessary detour on the road to sexual satisfaction. You couldn't be more misguided in that assumption. The importance of knowing how to kiss a woman can't be underscored. Your kiss is an indicator of chemistry, of what it might be like if things went further. It's the sample you offer her so she'll want to devour the whole thing.

If you do it right, she'll describe your amazing make-out encounter (turned sexual rendezvous) to her friends the next day with her seemingly flimsy (but truthful) excuse: "The way he kissed me...I just couldn't help myself" or "It just happened." 

Yes, it is possible to just be that good.