Author: Don DeLillo
Released: 1985
Genre: Drama

A lesson in postmodern America in one book, White Noise should be the text you reach for when flipping through all the cable stations becomes too much to bear. Not that DeLillo’s words will make the picture rosier—on the contrary, things are just as dire as they appear. But arming yourself with some smart satire is the best defense against an increasingly fractured world.

White Noise begins on the first day of school at a small liberal arts college, where Jack Gladney teaches his famous Hitler Studies class. Death, the world’s most photographed barn, and a powerful drug called Dylar dance onto the scene for a kaleidoscope of scenes that feel familiar and off-kilter all at once.

Disquieting is one word for it. But you’ll be laughing, too, at DeLillo’s idiosyncratic descriptions and dialogue. He’s fathered countless styles, all on the strength of this classic.

Fun Fact: Initially, DeLillo wanted to name the book Panasonic, but the Panasonic Corporation wouldn't allow it.