Author: Ray Bradbury
Released: 2010
Genre: Short story collection

The world lost a literary giant this June 5, when the irreplaceable Ray Bradbury passed away from natural causes at the age of 91. For those who sadly don't recognize the man's name, we could sit here and write about how without Bradbury we'd have no Stephen King or any other respected author of science fiction, dark fantasy, or horror. But we'd prefer that you check out this indispensable, robust collection of 100 short stories.

While doing so, play a little game we like to call "Name That Subsequent Author's Work That Was Totally Inspired By The Current Bradbury Story You're Reading." It's hours upon hours of fun.

Fun Fact: Bradbury's stories were so beloved and respected that, in 1985, he was given the power to create, executive produce, and serve as a Rod Serling type for an anthology TV show based on his works, called The Ray Bradbury Theater. It lasted for six seasons, with 65 total episodes.