Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Released: 2005
Genre: Horror fiction

Chuck Palahniuk is that rare kind of author, a wholly original manipulator of words, sentence structures, and readers' psyches whose books defy categorization. Especially Haunted, his most ambitious novel to date, and the ultimate writing-can-be-hell testament.

Seventeen aspiring writers are locked inside an abandoned theater for three months, with unlimited amounts of food, water, and electricity as they're told to each write their masterwork, and over the course of Haunted their 23 "original" stories increase in strangeness as they quickly lose their own minds. It's hilarious, frightening, odd, and purely Palahniuk.

Fun Fact: There have been over 60 accounts of people passing out while Palahniuk recited the Haunted story "Guts" at public readings, due to its graphic descriptions of masturbation via carrot into rectum and a boy's crotch region getting sucked into a pool filter, causing his innards to clog up the drain.