Author: Aldous Huxley
Released: 1931
Genre: Science fiction

You know that whole "birds and the bees" conversation you once had with mom and dad? Well, in the universe of Aldous Huxley's satiric sci-fi novel Brave New World, it's more about "the guys in lab coats and their trusty incubators."

Set in a futuristic society where babies are created in laboratories, as a way to control the status quo and eliminate individuality, Brave New World shows how one lovestruck guy, Bernard Marx, upends his prefixed world just to discover the true meaning of the L-word. Why Bernard would give a damn about that in a world where sex is merely a recreational sport is beyond us, though. What a dumbass.

Fun Fact: The book's title comes from a line in the fifth act of William Shakespeare's play The Tempest.