Rumor has it that Katie was all about a Dawson's Creek reunion until Tom forbid her from ever assuming the role of Joey Potter again, or even having subconscious reveries about anything resembling her doe-eyed alter ego. Yes, he even monitors her daydreams. 

Now that Tom's input carries no weight, Katie should immediately give the Creek kids a ring and see if they'd be down for an impromptu reunion. I mean, what are they really doing anyway? Joshua Jackson will likely fall off the radar after the upcoming final season of Fringe this fall, Dawson is doing a second-rate impression of himself on ABC's Don't Trust The B---- in Apt 23, and Michelle Williams—well, she may be tougher to convince. (That's so Jen Lindley of her, being the diffucult one, isn't it?)

Once she's gathered up the ol' gang, she should discuss the possibility of a Dawson's Creek full-length feature. Sure, it would be corny, but it would be awesome nostalgia porn, and there are plenty of people who are into that kind of thing. Like us. Plus, don't front and act like you don't occasionally find yourself wondering whether Joey would have ended up with Pacey or Dawson. Now you'll finally put an end to that nagging inquiry.