Since Katie announced her plans to divorce Tom Cruise, the world has collectively descended into a state of shock. No one is the least bit surprised by Katie's motives for the split, we're just shocked she actually had the spunk to pull it off.

Blame it on her stink-faced, half-smile (which sometimes reads as a condescending smirk), but Katie Holmes and "likeable" aren't two things you ordinarily equate with one another. There's something a little hollow about her, something stifled, a hint of dull residue she needs to wipe away with a shot of Windex and a little attitude. 

If Lana Del Rey and Kristen Stewart haven't already made it painfully clear, the media isn't exactly keen on Negative Nancys. Nor are they fans of Cranky Cindys and Boring Belindas, which is why Holmes would greatly benefit from a bubbly run on a few late night talk shows. If she can make us not regret tuning in to the Craig Ferguson by showing off her newly-single sheen and a little unexpected charisma, we promise, we might just forgive her many years of carefully curated apathy.