It looks like the zombie craze has made its way to Allentown, Pennsylvania. After using a stun gun on a pedestrian during a hit-and-run incident, Yardley Joy Frantz is out free on bail but is facing charges including aggravated and simple assault.

As the story goes, Frantz, in her car, collideed with a man and his nephew, hit the nephew with a stun gun, and then fled the scene. But eyewitnesses and the victims themselves noticed one strange thing about the woman's car: The license plate read "ZOMBIE" and was easily recognizable. Needless to say, it was easy for the cops to track Frantz down and arrest her. 

Obviously the above image wasn't taken at the scene of Frantz's crime, but rather, in the the zombie movie classic Dawn of the Dead. But we're presuming that Ms. Frantz is a fan George A. Romero's film. So it applies.

[via Huffington Post]