The fact that Facebook now has to discover new ways and means to bring in revenue is no secret. Since it's record-breaking IPO in February of this year, Facebook's financial future has been one of the most major stories in the tech and business world. Despite snatching up popular properties like Instagram, many believe Facebook's real ace in the hole is its large trove of user data. But just how will Facebook utilize that information? 

According to a great piece in MIT's Technology Review by Tom Simonite, that decision will be greatly influenced by Facebook's Data Science Team led by Cameron Marlow. 

"The group has 12 researchers—but is expected to double in size this year. They apply math, programming skills, and social science to mine our data for insights that they hope will advance Facebook's business and social science at large. Whereas other analysts at the company focus on information related to specific online activities, Marlow's team can swim in practically the entire ocean of personal data that Facebook maintains. Of all the people at Facebook, perhaps even including the company's leaders, these researchers have the best chance of discovering what can really be learned when so much personal information is compiled in one place." 

The article takes a close look at how the Data Science Team is working to discover ways to use all the data Facebook has collected over the years. Head over to MIT's Technology Review's website to read the entire profile. 

[Technology Review via FWD]