Video: First Came The Tupac Hologram, And Next Is... Bill Murray?

Remember the Tupac Shakur hologram at Coachella? Who can forget—it was pretty crazy. And recently, the people behind the 2Pac one revealed that they are going to create a series of Elvis Presley holograms.

Well, it's Bill Murray's turn. No joke. During an appearance Late Night with David Letterman, the comedy legend turned himself into, yes, a hologram. Unlike the deceased music icons, though, Murray went all grammed out because, as he said jokingly, "art-house films aren’t paying the bills," so he’s decided to step up his Hollywood game by turning himself into a hologram.

What do you think of Murray's new look? Do you like it better than the living Bill Murray? We know we don't.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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