Though countless presidential candidates have relied on slanderous ads to put themselves on voters' minds, 2012 hopeful Mitt Romney has been able to do a fine job of staying on everyone's radar throughout the course of the race with the free publicity he's been nabbing via Romney-inspired memes.

That's not to say it's all good; in fact, most of the photos and videos gone viral rehash various moments in which the Republican front-runner has put his foot in his mouth or provided other samples of gaffe gold (and are therefore hilarious). Now,  "Socially Awkward Romney," "Scumbag Mitt Romney," and other reincarnations of the one-percenters spouting various Romney-isms are making the rounds more quickly than their actual muse. Not acquainted? Allow us to make that introduction with our gallery of The 15 Funniest Mitt Romney Memes.

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