Director: John Boorman
Stars: Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, Ronny Cox, James Dickey
Vacation destination: The backwoods of Georgia

Not all vacations have to be set in idyllic vacation spots or even be remotely enjoyable. We learned that unfortunate truth when a group of big city businessman decided to escape the grind to get in touch with nature in the backwoods of Georgia.

From the start, there are ominous clues that their summer getaway will be less serene that originally hoped, from an awkward Banjo session with the locals to unheeded intimations of what lies ahead. The four men find that the rapids are the least of their worries, when they take their canoe down that restless river and find themselves in a terrifying confrontation with the kind of hillbillies who are at home in horror movies.

What unfolds is one of the most shockingly violent, disturbing scenes in cinema and undoubtedly, one of the reasons we've never been tempted to embark on a backwoods adventure ourselves.