With the first day of summer just a little over a week away, our hearts have begun to collectively race in anticipation of what we've toiled for all winter long—a much needed escape from the everyday grind, a long-awaited chance to recharge our totally-not-Energizer-brand batteries and a time to reclaim that childhood feeling of being entirely free of responsibility—summer vacation!

Sadly, the three-month-hiatus we were doled out as kids, which gleefully continued into our college years, doesn't have a real life equivalent. In the workforce, a paltry two weeks of vacation is standard (three, if you're shimmied further up the ladder), but this daunting reality doesn't keep us from daydreaming of the months on end we spent lazily marinating in the summer sun with a Hi-C, when the extent of our exercise routine was chasing down the ice cream man, and the only commitments we had were to our tans.

Summer blockbusters are great and all, but there's something about a movie explicitly about summer that never fails to stir our seasonal nostalgia and inspire a desire for adventure. A three month holiday may be out of the question, but we're giving you a ticket to get away, even if only vicariously. Slop on some sunscreen and pump up the A.C., these are The 25 Best Summer Vacation Movies.