Director: Frederic Jardin
Stars: Tomer Sisley, Serge Riaboukine, Julien Boisselier, Joey Starr, Laurent Stocker, Birol Unel

Sleepless Night, made in France and quietly released by Tribeca Film’s distribution company in May, is an action movie lover’s dream come true—that is, if you dream of reading about great films that are impossible to see in theaters. Courtesy of Tribeca’s Video On-Demand service, though, director/co-writer Frederic Jardin’s breathless thriller is available to watch, and we recommend that you do so immediately.

Mostly taking place inside a crowded, claustrophobic night club, over the course of a couple, nearly-in-real-time hours, Sleepless Night races the clock alongside a corrupt cop (terrific leading man Tomer Sisley) who’s scrambling to save his kidnapped son from a drug lord while also trying to elude his fellow police officers. The pace is effectively frantic, and Jardin stages a trio of taut action sequences—one being a messy shootout during which Sisley is handcuffed to his kid—like a seasoned veteran.