The 25 Best Horror Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now

Absentia (2011)

Director: Mike Flanagan
Stars: Katie Parker, Courtney Bell, Dave Levine, Justin Gordon, Morgan Peter Brown

Feeling hesitant about using Kickstarter to fund your dream project? Let writer-director Mike Flanagan's excellent indie horror flick Absentia serve as your motivational guide. Largely funded through the crowd-sourcing website, Absentia, reportedly made for only $70,000, is one of the most impressive do-it-yourself films to come around in years, one that deserves a bigger following than it's slowly but surely amassed thus far.

An exercise in dread-fueled mood, rather than an abundance of jump scares and gratuitous bloodshed, Flanagan's tightly constructed creepshow revolves around two sisters living near a seemingly innocuous suburban tunnel, which, as the younger sibling (formidable leading lady Katie Parker) discovers, is the reason why so many people have gone missing lately.

Absentia works on multiple levels: It's based on a fresh, inventive concept; freakout images surface economically with sufficient impact; and the characters, portrayed by a group of gifted unknowns, are all well-developed. Hollywood's flashiest directors could learn a thing or two from Flanagan and his Absentia colleagues.

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