Season: The Real World: Denver
Air date: December 18, 2006

The cast members in any Real World season are no strangers to partying hard. But just as much as we love watching people make complete and utter fools out of themselves while drunk, we also can't deny that when it happens too often, we worry. So when it came to Jenn from The Real World: Denver and her habits of partying at least four times a week (as well as drinking at least once a day), the latter was very much the case. No one's liver is made of steel, except Tony Stark's.

It was in the sixth episode of the season that we finally got some insight into what was causing Jenn's reckless behavior: Alcoholism runs in her family, and Jenn may have a problem. "Bus Brawl" sticks out for its obvious reasons, one of the most prominent being that showing the signs of someone suffering with an addiction and then admitting the fact that they need help could serve as inspiration for someone dealing with the issue themselves.

Additionally, though, it's one of the only times in a reality series that the subject of alcoholism has actually been brought up and a cast member who is known for being a drunken mess receives applause for his or her acknowledgment that help is needed.

We talk a lot about how reality shows (not naming any names, but, cough, Jersey Shorecough) lose their appeal when the characters are all well-adjusted, and while that may be true, the bottom line is still that these are real people whose lives are potentially being ruined before our eyes. If there's a real problem, like in Jenn's case, it should be addressed.