The alleged video of Final Fantasy XV that popped up online earlier this week is completely, 100-percent fake, according to series publisher Square-Enix. 

A video from a presentation showed footage from Final Fantasy Versus III, but started and ended with logos for the currently non-existent next entry in the series. The video also included PS3 and Wii U logos. (In retrospect, the fact that game was a multi-platform release, but not going to Xbox 360, should have been a dead giveaway.)

The video led to rumors that Versus XIII would be renamed, either globally or for western audiences. When asked about the video, Square-Enix told Kotaku; "We can confirm that the trailer is fake."

No wiggle-room there, folks.

That doesn't mean there won't be a Final Fantasy XV or even that Square-Enix isn't already working on it. The logo and the footage shown have nothing to do it.

[Via Kotaku]