One of the biggest complaints about the previous Spider-Man trilogy was that the Wall Crawler himself wasn't the wise-cracking trickster that he had been in the comics for decades. It's an integral part of the character's personality, but in those movies, Peter Parker barely spoke while under the mask. Now it seems like director Marc Webb is specifically going out of his way to give Spidey a bit more personality while fighting crime in his new reboot.

In this latest clip from The Amazing Spider-Man, the Web Head not only takes down a potential carjacker, but he has a little bit of fun while doing it. Between some much-needed physical and emotional taunting, Spider-Man comes across as a Spandex-clad jerk while cleaning up the streets of Manhattan. It's one thing to get taken down by a dude in a ridiculous red and blue onesie, but it's even worse when you're getting verbally harassed at the same time.

The Amazing Spider-Man opens on July 3.