According to the Associated Press, whose journalists must live to report such things, restaurants about breasts are doing well (Slate describes them as "booming," a near pun and exactly the sort of thing we're above here at Complex).

Another word pertinent to the telling of this story: breastaurant. That is, a restaurant where the breasts of the servers (or would it be fine to use waitress in this case since the breastaurants wouldn't be hiring men, as that would be counterproductive to their mission: bringing clothed breasts to cowards?) are the focus.

The breastaurant industry loves puns. Hooters, of course, is one example but there are many others, all doing quite well financially. Twin Peaks is one of the booming chains the AP describes. The restaurant promises "scenic views." The Tilted Kilt is another, where the visible bras of the servers match the tartan kilts they wear. Presumably the kilts are cut short. 

The piece from the AP spills lots of words delving into thorny issues of class at breastaurants. Which is odd because the piece is about breastaurants. It's right there in the headline.

Here's a taste: "Although the name might suggest otherwise, the owner of Mugs N Jugs in Clearwater, Fla., says his place also is like any ordinary restaurant with entertainment."


[via Grub Street]