TEENS with their CELL PHONES and their SEXTING. Most public schools don't allow cell phones PERIOD! NOT EVEN ONCE! HAND IT OVER RIGHT THIS SECOND! But kids usually get away with it by not waving them around like maniacs or sexting or whatever teens do with their phones during class. But whither the teens that must pass through metal detectors?

Cell phone storage is a burgeoning industry around schools that have permanent metal detectors. For $1 a day, the teenz can store their phonez during school hours. The New York Post estimates about $22,800 a day is spent on these services.

What do we do? If we let them have their phonez, they'll sext all over school, but if we don't let them, they complain about paying money to some guy at the bodega to hold the phone for them! Guess we'll just have to uninvent the cell phone.

[via Gothamist]