If you were unsure about the legitimacy of the internal document revealing Microsoft's plans for their next-gen gaming hardware, well then Microsoft may have just cleared things up a bit. The company has sent messages to sites hosting the document to take it down. 

The document, which outlined Microsoft's 5-year hardware plans from 2010 through 2015, included information on "Xbox 720", "Kinect V2", and a previously unmentioned piece of hardware, a set of Augmented Reality glasses codenamed "Forzaleza".

The document was initially hosted on Scribd, but was taken down after the company recieved a notice from Covington & Burling LLP, an international law firm that represents Microsoft. Several notices have been sent to sites keeping the document up since then by Microsoft through its legal team, including Ihned.cz, a Czech technology site, and cloud storage service Dropbox.

[Via The Verge]