In a new installment of his sort-of column for the Huffington Post, James Franco had a lot to say about Ridley Scott's new Alien franchise prequel, Prometheus. For one, he liked the hair-styling in the film. He thought the cinematography was "gorgeous." Also, he would like to know "why every character in this film is such a dick."

Everyone wants to examine the unanswered questions about origins -- why the robot is so evil and how this story links to the later films -- but I wonder why every character in this film is such a dick. This is not a knock on the actors -- to a man and woman they were great, but with the exception of Idris Elba's captain character, they were horrible to each other. While this may be another comment about the competition that results from human enterprise, I'll say this: If I was ever exploring other planets, the only one of them I'd want around would be Idris.

Another question to add to the list of things Prometheus leaves unanswered, we guess.

[via Huffington Post]