Driven by the harsh reality of the Great Recession, 50-year-old Raymond Knudson of Gresham, Ore., robbed a Bank of America back in April. However, his guilty conscience caught up with him in record time, as he drove straight to the police station afterward to confess.

Court documents state that Knudson entered the bank, presented a robbery note and made off with $425. Minutes later, he took all of it to the Gresham Police Department and confessed. Knudson told authorities his crime was motivated by the Academy Award-winning documentary Inside Job, which highlighted the 2008 financial disaster.

Knudson should’ve just listened to Jeezy’s The Recession—he would’ve gotten far more turned up and probably wouldn’t have confessed. He could’ve just charged it to “Hustlaz Ambition,” though Robin Hood Theory probably wouldn’t have been much of a defense in court.

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[via The Huffington Post]