Hot off the heels of Marvel's announcement that it will host its first-ever gay wedding in Astonishing X-Men #51, DC Comics responded by revealing that Alan Scott, aka the original Green Lantern, is now a homosexual in the company's newly-rebooted universe, according to Newsarama. Created in 1940, Scott was the Golden Age version of the Green Lantern and a part of the original Justice Society of America. The character was notably rebooted in 1959 with Hal Jordan under the mask, but Scott has been a mainstay of the DC Universe in recent years as a member of the JSA and as one of the main characters in Mark Waid's Kingdom Come miniseries.

The official reveal will happen in next week's Earth 2 #2, written by James Robinson with art by Nicola Scott. In the book, Scott is reimagined as a young billionaire and the head of his own corporation. He will also have a partner named Sam, who will be introduced next week. According to the site, DC is also planning more gender and race changes to some of its classic characters in an attempt to reflect a more realistic and diverse world. 

Earth 2 #2 will be in stores on June 6. 

[via Newsarama