A Decoy Attack That Actually Works

When bullets and grenades just aren't cutting it, Spec Ops players always have another weapon in their arsenal they can use to mix things up in tough firefight... They can throw rocks. Yeah, that's right. I said rocks. The world's oldest weapon may be Spec Ops' most interesting mechanical innovation.

Rocks are essentially decoy grenades. They're selected and thrown like a grenade, and when they come flying at you, a grenade indicator pops up. When shooter fans see that flashing arrow, instinct tells them to get the hell out there; they sprint out of cover, they lose track of who they were shooting at.

You never run out of rocks, so there's a certain mind-game element: If you've been exchanging fire with the same guy for awhile, you might think he's run out of grenades, so when he throws something your way, you can call his bluff. Similarly a player could throw out bunch of rocks quickly, with a single grenade hidden somewhere in the barrage: the other guy might assume he's just goofing off, until that one grenade blows up in his face...