Personal computers, MP3 players, smartphones, digital music stores, tablets—these are all the industries Apple has upended during its 36 years. And even though the company started by the two Steves is killing the game, we can't see it resting on its laurels. Take the 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference, for example. Apple unleashed what is perhaps the best laptop computer ever made. A model that is sure to cause the other major players to act accordingly. 

However, now that the hysteria surrounding the WWDC keynote has simmered, we find ourselves wondering what Apple can do next. What new industries can it take over? We've heard the rumors of it getting into the TV business, but what else? We came up with five products we think Apple should maybe consider for the future. Because, to paraphrase Dead Prez, you can't sell iPads forever. 

Illustrations by Simon Jones