To his fans’ delight, as well as the happiness of the studio heads who back his projects, Adam Sandler hardly ever takes a break. Dude has starred in at least one successful movie every year for the last 14 years, but here’s the downside: Such productivity has gradually lessened the overall quality of his cinematic output.

We’ll even be sympathetic here: It has to be damn near impossible to maintain a consistency over that long a period of time. And when fatigue sets in, so does a lackadaisical attitude, and that’s when Jack and Jill happens. So why not take some personal time, kick back with the family, and live off your insane riches earned through a succession of $100 million-plus hit movies?

Who knows, a year or two of me-time might help him to scoff off ideas like playing a woman (Jack and Jill) and starring in a movie alongside both Vanilla Ice and Rex Ryan (That’s My Boy). And it might just trigger Sandler’s imagination and provoke some fresh, left-field ideas.