The Internet holds treasures for those willing to climb into the rabbit hole (and lucky enough to emerge unscathed). Recently, we found this (and received only minor cuts and bruises).

If we had to guess, we're looking at a late-'80s, early-'90s fast-food training video. Aesthetically, it's '80s, with the ethereal, foggy visuals and pink/orange/red ambient lighting. Sonically, it pushes the decade to the limit, closer to the early '90s club-pop-house-electronic-R&B-mainstream mishmash you'll find plenty of on any satellite radio '90s-only station (lookin' at you, '90s on 9). Either way, it is awesome.

Wendy's is a massive corporation and will always have employees, so who cares? There is no need for the corp. to make this entertaining—workers have to watch it. It's stupid and borderline insulting—nothing particularly complicated about hot stuff. But. This goes above and beyond the call of duty. Pure gold. Thank you, Wendy's.