Back in 2005, when Facebook still had "the" in the title, Ray Hafner and Derek Franzese ventured to Palo Alto to interview Mark Zuckerberg about his website for a documentary they were filming called Now Entering. A five minute clip from the 40-minute interview has made its way the Internet.

In the clip we see a young Zuckerberg clad in basketball shorts and a t-shirt celebrating Facebook's three millionth user the way any college-age kid would: buying a keg and handing out plastic red cups. 

In the interview, held at the company's then headquarters/house, Zuck explains how Facebook started, what Facebook is ("Facebookis an online directory for colleges."), where he saw it going ("...a really cool college directory product that is really relevant for students and has a bunch of information that people care about when they're in college."), and how cool it was to go to a party and see Facebook on people's computers. 

[via Business Insider]