In a move that's sure not to help its financial woes, the United States Postal Service has put in place a new regulation that will prevent it from shipping gadgets with lithium batteries overseas, Fast Company is reporting. 

According to the USPS, they will prohibit shipping of lithium batteries and any device containing them effective May 16. In a publicly issued document, the USPS says that the ban was made because of deliberations between the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU), two international bodies which issue semi-binding guidelines for global trade. The IATA's 2012 regulations for lithium metal and lithium ion batteries allow for the shipment of consumer electronics with proper safety precautions, while the UPU's lithium battery regulations are ambiguously worded--worthy of an entire phalanx of lawyers.

People who wish to send loved ones or customers gadgets with lithium batteries—this includes iPads, smartphones, laptops, and digital cameras—will have to do so through a private delivery company like UPS or FedEx. Suffice to say this is sure to be a major headache for a large number of people.

Head over to Fast Company for a complete breakdown of the new regulation, to learn how this will affect customers, as well as why this will really hurt our troops overseas. 

[via Fast Company]