25-year-old Lourdes Guillen, a production assistant on The View, was shot in the abdomen over the weekend at a bodega in Brooklyn for taking too long to order. Guillen was apparently protecting her younger cousin, 24-year-old Juan Medina, who had already been shot twice.

The shooting happened at a 24-hour bodega in Bushwick, after Guillen had been celebrating Medina's last day in the city with her third cousin, Ramali Rodriquez. The trio got into an argument with another trio, who accused them of taking too long to order their food. The argument turned physical, and one of the men shot Medina twice in the stomach. 

Guillen begged the shooter not to kill her cousin, who was visitng from the Dominican Republic, to which he responded, "Don’t think I won’t shoot you too, bitch!" before shooting her in the stomach. She was taken to Manhattan's Bellevue, where she's in stable condition. Medina, on the other hand, was in critical condition following surgery.

Guillen, who still has the bullet inside of her, was praised as a hero by the show's hosts.

[via The Daily Mail UK]

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