With just under two months to go until Amazing Spider-Man gets released, Sony has done a great, if not somewhat frustrating, job of keeping the story around the film’s villain a mystery. Sure we know that Spider-Man will be battling the Lizard in the movie, but so far we haven’t seen much of him or his human alter ego, Dr. Curt Connors, in the film's trailers.

But after viewing this new featurette from the movie, the mystery around the character has been lifted somewhat. This footage digs deep into what makes the character tick and how actor Rhys Ifans brought it out of him. This footage also makes it clear that the Lizard isn’t evil just for the sake of being evil; he’s a conflicted, morally ambiguous scientist trying to regrow a part of his life that he has lost.

If the CGI looks convincing in the final product, the Lizard might have an outside shot of being the most interesting and fleshed-out villain out of this summer’s batch of comic book movies.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters on July 3.