With new releases and spin-offs seemingly every day, figuring out the best smartphone to buy at any given moment is tough. So tough, in fact, that you might want to ask someone for help— someone like the the friendly fembot/personal assistant who lives in your iPhone, for instance. And what does Siri have to say, exactly, on the subject of what is the fairest smartphone of them all? Why that'd be the Nokia Lumia 900.

That's right, because of Siri's reliance on the Web-based knowledge database Wolfram Alpha, she can't help but point to Nokia's new hotness as the best smartphone of all time, thanks to a spate of recent glowing reviews from customers and critics alike (including us).

While some might regard this latest AI quirk as an embarrassing flaw, we think it's actually pretty endearing: she's honest and self-deprecating! If you asked an Android phone the same question, by contrast, it'd probably be all like "DROID!" and then drink your brains for sustenance.

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[via TNW]