Hollywood loves mothers. The sculptors of our psyche, mothers can act as the ideal rhetorical device, shedding light on the script in a way few characters can. Or, in the case of this weekend's horror romp, Mother's Day, darkness.

This Friday, vile mothers will return to theaters in the remake of Charles Kaufman's Troma 1980 original, Mother's Day. But instead of a satirical B-movie about backwoods boys being domineered by an evil elderly mother, you'll get the ever sexy Rebecca De Mornay, and a fresh take on matriarchal malevolence. Mother's Day might seem like your everyday home invasion plot on the surface—three brothers drop in on a house party and take the attendees hostage—until De Mornay saunters in as the sinister "mother" and drums up the depravity. Not inclined to take the high road, De Mornay takes delight in torturing her son's captives, and urging her boys to do the same.

Mother's Day isn't the first flick to include a mom whose maternal instincts are out of whack. Many films routinely overturn the the domesticated ideal, forgoing nurturers in favor of mentally frail women who are better suited to destroy than discipline. Here are the women who will make you thankful for the wonderfully unexceptional insanity of your own mother: The 25 Craziest Moms In Movies. If this doesn't inspire you to dial up 1-800-Flowers and send Ma Dukes roses after reading, we don't know what could.

Written by Shanté Cosme (@ShanteCosme)

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