Warning: Do not read this book if you’re not intimately familiar with the years of Avengers stories that have come before it. If you consider yourself an Avengers aficionado, though, then this comic is perfect for you.

Written by Kurt Busiek and illustrated by Carlos Pacheco, Avengers Forever is a look back at the team’s past and a look towards its future as the title unites members of the team from throughout various points in the continuity as they battle Immortus.

Longtime Avengers fans will instantly recognize the version of Captain America from Steve Englehart’s “Secret Empire” storyline and Hank Pym from when he was the mentally unbalanced Yellowjacket, but details like that might be lost on new readers. This storyline was originally conceived as a way to clean up the complicated Avengers continuity, yet it also wound up becoming a pure tribute to the years of great Marvel stories. Just be sure you have a copy of The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe handy if you decide to plunge into this.