If you recall the fourth season of Californication, you'll remember Charlie Runkle's sexually aggressive linebacker of a boss, Sue Collini. This story out of Texas is similar. Former Galveston County deputy James Gist is suing his former boss, Constable Pam Matranga, for the sexual harassment that forced him to quit.

According to Gist, Matranga tormented him with behavior such as covering his head with her shirt and demanding that he "motorboat"her breasts. The suit also alleges that Matranga asked Gist if she could give him oral sex, and joked about performing at a local strip club's "chunky chick night" while simulating a lap dance.

Gist set up a camera on his desk to catch Matranga in the act, which he says she found and gave to the local District Attorney's office to start a wiretapping investigation against him. He was was forced to resign, and Matranga denied any wrong-doing, claiming Gist sought revenge because she wouldn't alter legal documents at his request.

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[via Daily Mail UK]

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