An 18-year-old Utah man was arrested on suspicion of burglary after police traced a USB drive left at the scene of the crime back to the teenager because he'd left his homework on it.

The teen, Dallas Naljahih, is accused of attemping to rob a 75-year-old man and his wife's home in Orem, Utah early last Saturday while the two were home sleeping. After being roused by noises coming from their home office, the man came face-to-face with Naljahih rifling through his desk. Upon confrontation, Naljahih reportedly punched the man in the face and fled, leaving his backpack containing the USB drive in the backyard. Finding the teen's homework assignments on the USB drive, police easily tracked down Naljahih, and discovered evidence connecting him to the crime in his home.

Just like a modern day know, if she was a burglar and her glass slipper was a USB drive with her name in it, and all.

[via Huffington Post]