The last time Ryan Reynolds was the star of a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster, this happened. But apparently that has not deterred Summit Entertainment from making the former Green Lantern the frontrunner to star in its Highlander reboot, according to Variety. No formal offer has been made yet, but both sides are very interested in seeing this deal get done. 

Released in 1986, the original Highlander was a movie depicting a battle between immortal warriors as they fought over the centuries. It was famous for its tagline, "There can be only one," but the movie failed to bring in big box office numbers. It has, however, become a cult-classic over the years, and spawned a few sequels and a TV show along the way. It is assumed that if Reynolds accepts the role, he would be playing Connor MacLeod, the part that Christopher Lambert made famous in the original.

Obviously after Green Lantern sunk like a stone at the box office last year, this could be one of the last offers Reynolds gets to be a leading man in a movie such as this. If he fails here, it might be time to go back to rom-coms.

[Variety via Super Hero Hype