Director: Terence Nance
Screening date: Thursday, June 21, Dekalb Market (Downtown Brooklyn), 138 Willoughby St. at Flatbush Ave. (Ft. Greene/Downtown Brooklyn)

A hit during January’s Sundance Film Festival, emerging writer/director Terence Nance’s bizarre-sounding yet entirely intriguing An Oversimplification of Her Beauty sounds like a much-needed antidote of innovation for those of us who cringe at the sight of a new Hollywood-ized romantic comedy.

Originally conceived a short film, Nance’s experimental character study interweaves fictional portions with documentary footage that fills in the blanks, with freaky animation and VHS-quality presentation framing Nance’s diary-like narrative structure as a real scrambler of brains. Plus, if you catch An Oversimplification of Her Beauty at its June 21st Rooftop screening, you’ll hear the sounds of Nance’s own band, all while seeing firsthand the works of a modern-day renaissance dude.