More than 6.3 million people across the globe have bought Diablo III, according to Blizzard. Initial sales reports are still being compiled, but it looks like the highly anticipated three-quel made a big splash in its first week on sale.

According to Blizzard's calculations, D3 sold 3.5 million copies were sold in the first 24 hours, making it the fastest-selling PC game in history. Add to that the 1.2 million players who received the game for free after purchasing an annual World of Warcraft pass, and that's 4.7 million players picking up the game on day one.

The big number, 6.3 million, is still growing because Blizzard's number don't yet include Korean internet game rooms, where players go to purchase PC games digitally. They have said that, since it's release, Diablo III has been the most purchased game from those services, though.

How many people do you think have actually bought Diablo III? Could it be the fast-selling game of all time? I'm sure that Blizzard will us know once the fix is in.

[Via Blizzard]